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Thank you for visiting the Roadmap Portal. The Roadmap team is pleased to share that employers and job seekers can now use for all of your career exploration, job searchand candidate matching needs. is a new and enhanced version of the platform, with additional features to support both job seekers and employers.


All of the features from the Roadmap Portal, including the military skills translator and job matching based on skills, are now a part of the Pipeline AZ website. In addition, there are more than 750 career profile pages on Pipeline that outline training, certification and degree programs, average salaries and expected demand for the positions and industries.

Please note that the skills translation and job matching features work statewide. Right now the career exploration data (salary, demand, etc.) is specific to Maricopa County.



If you already have a job seeker Roadmap Portal account, you can log on to Pipeline AZ platform right now with your same username and password. When you log in, please update your profile information and skills profile so you can obtain better job matches.


If you don’t yet have an account, you can create one at



Please contact our Roadmap team to get involved with initiatives for hiring and retaining veterans, including our Arizona Veteran Supportive Employer program, SkillBridge, Pipeline AZ and more!

Abe McCann | Roadmap Coordinator | | 602-753-8802 ext 705


Special thanks to all of the Roadmap Portal partners, including the Office of the Governor, Arizona Department of Economic Security, Cisco, Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith & Family, Arizona Department of Economic Security and Arizona Coalition for Military Families.